Sunday, April 13, 2014

What will you remember?

People are not going to remember me by my developers having worked super hard.  They are not going to remember me for being at work for 60 hours a week (mostly because I don't :).  They are not going to remember how much money I had in my bank account nor what car I drove.

So what will people remember?  I could only guess, and I would guess things like me smiling all the time, my dedication to my family, and my great style in clothes (ha ha!).  I guess only you know!

But there is a subset of friends that I hope remember me for my motivation.  There aren't many things that I think I'm good at.  I'm a pretty average Jane.  But running would be one of my top 3 things that I think I'm pretty good at.  I'm not a 3 hour marathoner, nor a sub 22 5ker, but I can usually squeak out a top 3 in my age group at our local races (and once at a Grand Rapids race!).
In 2002, I ran a half marathon in 1:49:16.
In 2012, I ran a 5k in 23:35.
I feel SO awesome whenever I finish a run.  Sometimes I strut around Meijer while picking up a few things on my way home just because I feel so great.
This subset of friends are my running friends.  I felt like I took them under my wing when they decided they wanted to start running.  I threw all of my running knowledge at them, diagnosed their aches and pains, and pushed them to be the best they could be.
I've grabbed their arms in races to force them not to give up (yup, she did dry heave at the end); I've cheered them on with crazy silliness during a marathon (maybe that's why they slowed down some, to get away from me.  Hmm...); and encourage them to increase their distances.
But the coolest part is that they are motivating too, and always have been, but I never saw it. During longer runs, we take turns motivating each other.  It's like an invisible baton is being passed around.  I'm a good cheerer at the beginning, others are better in the middle, and sometimes the motivation at the end comes from others speeding up when the end is in site!  They won't let me finish a run, until we've rounded up to the nearest mile (no way stopping at 15.83 will work with these girls!).
This past run, I was talking myself out of a 12 mile training run I had to do.  The plan was to run to my friend's house, and she would finish 7 miles with me.   I had coughed a lot at night, so I woke up tired.  I had a stuffy nose.  My shoulders were sore from trampoline jumping the day before.  I was starting to get a headache.  The thunderstorms were making there way in.  I was coming up with every excuse possible.  We texted back and forth and I'm pretty sure I said I'd cancel.  And then she asked when I would get it in.  I wasn't thinking that far ahead, I just wanted to cancel.  I wanted to plop the kids in front of the tv and take a nap.  After church I checked the weather again, and the thunderstorms had moved until later and the sinus medicine I took had cleared up my nose.  What excuses did I have (other than a nap still sounded good)?  We texted and confirmed a time.  It was a fabulous run.  72 degrees in April and a nice 10 minute pace.  At what point did the trainer become the trainee?  I'm not sure, but I'm so glad that it did.

Love you girls!

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