Sunday, June 29, 2014

Detox/Cleanse conclusion

Week 3 was like 25% clean eating, during that week and the days that followed, I put back on the 12 pounds that I had lost.  The boxed foods, the artificial and preservative filled foods cause your body to retain water like CRAZY!  And my skin now?  Yuck.  I have the crappy under skin zits.  3 HUGE ones!!
My mouth is dry all the time like I mentioned earlier and I feel tired all of the time.

This cleanse/detox was too time consuming for me.  If my kids were older, maybe?  I found some recipes that I'll continue to make, but still uncertain how I can incorporate it all into a daily life that I don't spend hours in the kitchen.

I will continue to drink my smoothies in the morning (join now to be part of a 30 day smoothie challenge!) and bring healthy lunches.  I can't give up chocolate, but I can maybe try to limit them!  That's like crazy talk.

I'm glad that I did it, even though I can't say any where near 100% like I should have.  I learned a lot.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Soooo....let's just forget my past post.  There is too much temptation in my life, and not enough willpower, so instead of kicking myself, I'm doing the next best thing.  I'm doing both!  I'm eating the meals that are part of the cleanse, but I'm also having ice cream with the kids and friends after dinner and eating that mini twix that I find in the candy bowl.  That's real life.  That's something I can sustain.

What I've decided to not do, is to continue the rest of the cleanse (4 more days!) with no caffeine and no alcohol.  Those I've been clean from for the whole cleanse, and those I can stay away from (maybe it's true that 21 days can make a habit, and since they weren't much of a habit before, they can continue to not be a habit in the future).

Walnut tacos last night were not terrible!!  My Comfort soup (aka cauliflower) was delicious!!  Veggie stir fry I can do without.

Today's lunch is a team lunch.  Instead of eating 3 pieces of pizza, I'll have one with a salad and have my apple and peanut butter for a snack this afternoon.  Best of both worlds!  And I don't feel guilty.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Today ends the detox week, with it's crummy recipes, and ...crummy recipes.

Tomorrow starts the 3rd and final week.  I have not been good at all this week, but I did continue to try one recipe a day (other days were filled with A LOT of stuff that would be the opposite of detoxing).

My goal for this week, is to be 100% true to it.  I had a great first week, I know i can do it again, especially since each day is one more day closer to being done!  Going forward I have a good 10 recipes to add into daily life and go towards my 80% clean, 20% anything else.  Maybe this week, I'll get a couple of more good recipes to add.

Cheer me on!  7 days!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

W2D11...not a new day

Today wasn't a new day.  Right now I'm chasing after the wagon that I fell off.

Let's go over my week.  The week I was supposed to be detoxing.

Monday:  mini-twix in morning.  lead to full size Twix in afternoon.  starving at ballgame.  Husband brought Pizza Hut.  ate pizza.  Husband promised kids ice cream.  ate ice cream.

Tuesday:  It's a new day!  3 miniature candy bars in morning.  very gross detox friendly red cabbage sweet potato.  left over pizza for dinner.  ate 4 or 5 of the small packs of Nabisco treats (Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Nutter Butters, Angry Bird grahams).  made beet soup with fennel bulb for tomorrow's meal.

Wednesday:  It's another new day!  tried beet soup.  one bite.  drove home and ate cereal.  ate 4 small packs of Nabisco treats and a Hershey's bar.

What have I learned?  I'm SO much more tired after my fall out on Monday.  I yawn a lot now.  My stomach is bloated (pants tight).  My mouth is dry and cotton like (I remember this a lot from before).

So what happened?  The foods on this detox week are not all that enticing.  Last week I had about 50% of them that were good.  Most I could stomach through at least half way.  This week, not so much.  That's part of the reason.  I think the other part is that I only have so much will power.  Each time I say no to something, a bit of that power goes away, until I have none less.  I don't know how to build that back up.

So what am I going to do?  I was down 1.2 pounds this week.  A co-worker asked if I was still detoxing.  I told her about Monday, and a little bit about Tuesday.  She said "But think of how much better you are eating the rest of the time?  Probably a lot better."  and she's right. But I don't know why I have to eat 5 small treats instead of just one.  It's not like those bags are going anywhere.

Taking a few minutes to think about it....I have so much food left over from this shopping trip, that I really don't want to waste.  I'm going to continue to try the rest of the recipes, but I'm going to allow myself ice cream on my son's birthday.  In the long run, I'd love to do 80% healthy, 20% things that taste good :).  For the rest of this cleanse, I'm going to try to allow myself ONE cheat a day, and I will allow that to be dinner once or twice.  It's only 10 more days!  I did that almost at the beginning!!

I CAN DO THIS!  As long as I don't eat any more beet soup.

Monday, June 9, 2014



But tomorrow's a new day.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Holy cow!!  I've made it a week!!

A lot of the recipes at the end of the week were better than the middle of the week.  Probably why I stopped losing the weight yesterday morning!  Pretty happy with the weight loss so far, even though I know it's 90% water.  I'm not eating the foods that take a long time to digest or cause bloat.  Feeling pretty good.
So far I'm down 12 pounds.  I'm hoping some of that is fat!  This is mainly because of the eating out for the 2 weeks before this.  My clothes really don't fit that much better (which is another reason I figured out it's water weight), but this was the perfect time to start.

I went for a 3 mile jog today and felt fine.  This next week is the detox week (cilantro (yuck) at every meal).  They say exercise wise to just go for a couple of walks, but, you know me, I'll be jogging.

I find it pretty amazing that I ate a whole pound of spinach this week!!  Usually my container sits in the fridge and goes rotten before I can eat it.  I'm making notes of the recipes I like so I can continue to use them post cleanse.

I managed to eat out while on the cleanse (ordering a salad with almonds and cranberries), I ignored temptation (headed to the lake last night where you can order curly fries and corn dogs AND friends had wine), and didn't eat popcorn while at the movies! 

The first salad on the cleanse was delicious!!

I wasn't a fan of the fruit infused waters.  The only one I liked was one with watermelon.


 Spinach is all gone!!  Never happened  before!

You'll have to go back to Day 1 to see what this counter looked like before I began.
I ate a lot of stuff!

When you join the Simple Green Smoothie cleanse, you are invited to their super secret Facebook page with other cleansers.  This has been amazing!  Some people are going through the cleanse a second time, others are finishing up, others are starting off like me.  This is such an invaluable resource!  I've asked questions about getting my headaches to go away, what my food should look like when it's done (mine doesn't turn out as nice :), and shared about my experience so far.  It's so supporting.

Around Day 4, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to finish this up.  Now, 3 days later, I've finished my week and I'm 1/3rd of the way done.  That's huge!!  And I'm excited for the new recipes next week (I may not add quite as much cilantro :).


...I ate eggs.  I wasn't supposed to, but it sounded a lot better than salad again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

W1D4 I can't say that I followed the plan 100%.

My son volunteered to bring brownies to his class picnic tomorrow.  Brownies are my kryptonite.  We picked out the boxes and I put them on my husband's table to remind him to make them tonight.  I figured if I wasn't the one making them, I couldn't be tempted. after school my son wanted to make them.  And I licked the bowl...and ate two after they were baked.  It was DELICIOUS!  There seemed to be a bit of an aftertaste that I never noticed before though.  And then when I was putting the kids to bed, I had to run to the bathroom!  I'm going to have to remember this when I start introducing 'bad' foods.

I'm not loving the food.  Before I wasn't much of a nut eater or a veggie eater, and that's pretty much all I can eat.  Today's lunch was chili, but I picked out the zucchini and carrots.  Lunch was strawberries with lemon and mint.  Not a mint fan.  Dinner was vegan hash cakes.  I ate half. Not a cilantro fan.  Not a chickpea fan.

So what keeps me going?  The scale is going down!  And I'm not even exercising!  I have no time to exercise.  I know people say you do if you schedule it in, but every minute of every day for the last month has been booked.  Things will get better when baseball is done, and soccer.  THEN I'll have time!  Or at least make time.

In 3 days I get to see what the new foods are for next week.  It's the detox week.  That doesn't sound fun, but I'm already ready for new food!!

On a positive side, I passed on free lunch again today (wraps and chips).

P.S. Only 17 days to go!!

Monday, June 2, 2014


For the next 20 days, I'm known as a set of characters!  WxDx.  Today I am W1D2.  Week 1, Day 2.

I was excited the first day yesterday.  Had a fantastic salad for lunch, had a great snack, and managed to eat the so-so salad for dinner (it was called a fiesta salad, I called it the siesta salad - because I'm hilarious!).
Today I put my smoothie in the freezer to finish getting ready and got all the way to work before I realized I hadn't eaten it.  As it was only day 2, I HAD to go back!  If I started skimping this early, I knew it would all go downhill.  But, so far, I'm 100% committed!  I cancelled lunch plans because I spent an hour yesterday prepping for my lunch today (and I'm not really sure what I can eat and can not eat at a restaurant).

The first week is about ridding your body of alcohol, caffeine and sugar.  Guess what that leaves you with?  A HEADACHE!  Oh man is my head pounding.  It's crazy to think that I've eaten all fresh 'stuff' for 48 hours and I have a headache.  Seems like your body should be humming, but I guess it's getting rid of all of the toxins and that's what causes the headaches.  Supposedly is supposed to only happen on day 2 and/or day 3.

I've tried more things in the last 2 days than I have in probably my whole life.  I never knew I liked nectarines.  I do not like tahini, and I still don't like red peppers.  My stomach is still a little queazy from the salad I tried to eat for dinner.  It had tahini, chickpeas, some other stuff that I already forgot in it.  I'm not sure if it was the texture, the taste, or both, but I couldn't finish it.  Just thinking about it makes my stomach queazy.  I'm supposed to have the salad again for lunch tomorrow, but I'm going to go back to the Summer Strawberry one from day one.
What really sucked is that the family had Little Caesars pizza.  I really wanted to take a little bite, but instead I promised myself I could eat some in 20 days.  Man that seems like a long ways away...

I'm going to bed right now, so then I'll only have 19 days to go!

Whoot whoot!