Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10 day challenge - Day 9 - Are we there yet?

I'm ready to call it quits.  I even talked with my husband about stopping after 8 days.  That's good enough right?  Then I thought "It's just 2 more days.  Easy."  It's not.  And here's why:
This journey brought down my weight some so now I'm a contender in the DietBet I joined.  I had lost hope a week ago because there was no way I could drop 6 lbs that quickly.  Well, I did, and then I gained 2 back, but this morning I'm .2 away.  Today's the last day so they'll give me until tomorrow to weigh in.  I've tracked calories today for a total of 1,609.  I did not have time to exercise, so I hope it's enough.
The other issue is my hormones today.  Usually I'd be making tons of trips to the cupboards so I'm angry that I can't.  When, in actuality, it's probably best.

Seriously though, I'm tired of making all of the food. Yes, my kids have helped, but really, whose making it?  Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for 5 people.  There has been SO many dishes.  I don't want to be responsible anymore.  I want to come home from work and go read in my bed!  But people are hungry!  And I want some more time in my day.  It's usually past 9pm when I'm finished with everything.  I've planned my meals ahead, but they still take time to prepare.

I do feel fantastic though.  I have a ton of energy and my pants fit much nicer.  Tomorrow will be a much easier day because I can eat more than one muffin :)

Yesterday, I made 2 more loafs of Every Day bread that I used to make sandwiches for today's lunch.  I don't know how to get my bread to rise up.  They were small sandwiches :)
I put in a chicken in the crock pot for dinner tonight.  I'm planning to make chicken stock with the chicken extras tomorrow morning.  I've never done that before and it's going to be SO much cheaper than buying it at the store!  I like to use chicken stock/broth when making rice.  It gives it a nice flavor.  I use it instead of water.

2 days ago we made waffles before bed to refrigerate for the next couple of mornings.
I think it's one of the kids' favorite foods.

Things I learned:
1.  I cheated.  The Twix was too loud yesterday so I ate it...and some of it's friends.  
2.  People get weak, then they throw away the candy wrappers and continue on
3.  Chicken stock sounds so EASY to make!

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