Monday, June 13, 2011

Baseball, and more baseball...

I am here to announce that two of my kids were sound asleep by 6:30 tonight!  LOVE the free time that gives me!  (other one is at baseball)

Last fall, I signed Carson and Hudson up for baseball.  After I handed over the check, I asked when they would be practicing.  Monday and Wednesday for Carson, Tuesday and Thursday for Hudson.  Blah.  Do you know how hard it is to leave work, pick up the kids (at two different locations), get home, make dinner, eat dinner, get the right kid's baseball shirt on, and get to baseball by 6pm (this time changed to 5:45 after the first 2 weeks of practices)?  It it extremely hard.  We knew we couldn't get fast food 4 days a week (and Mondays weren't bad because I was home with the kids anyways), so instead we eat fast things like corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and leftovers.  It was a lot of rush, rush, rush.  I'm glad to say that we've only got one week left!

Carson is a natural at baseball.  At the second practice, when they got to use the pitching machine, he hit all 5 of the balls the machine pitched to him (there was only one other kid that did that).  The last game, the other team's captain told his team to move back because a big hitter was up.  I was SO proud!

This was Hudson's first year at baseball.  I guess I didn't read the fine print, but it was a team of 5 - 6 year olds.  Hudson turned 5 at the end of the season (the season was supposed to be over before his birthday, but because of all of the rain, we lucked out and he turned five during the season).  Hudson was a great listener, and a great do-er, but he lacked the drive that some of the other kids had.  The last few weeks of tball, he started talking about how his stomach would hurt or how he felt like he was going to be sick right before his practice.  I let him stay home one day (the day I was supposed to bring all kids by myself, so I was ok with it!), but persuaded him the other days.  I talked with his coach, who kind of figured it out already.  He started paying a little bit more attention to Hudson, and things have really improved.  He's got a great stance when he's ready to hit the ball (he even gives Carson some pointers).  He says he doesn't want to play again next year, and we aren't going to force our kids to play sports that they don't want, but I'm glad he decided to play this year.  He did great on the pitcher's mound and playing first base last week!  (I accidentally took a video instead of a picture when taking one of the team)

I just can't imagine how busy we'll be once Bryson starts sports.  It's going to be crazy!

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  1. Well, that backfired. Putting H to bed that early got him up at 5:45 this morning. UGH!