Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ode to the Papa (and Ompa)

Years ago on the way to pick Mike up from work, back when Bryson was a wee little baby (or maybe I was pregnant with him), Carson started calling Mike "papa".  It stuck.  Even though most "papas" I've met are Grandpa's (my dad is affectionately called Ompa), it never phased Mike.

What else never phased Mike?  The time when he was wrestling with Carson and Carson got his head smacked on the corner of the table, which caused a HUGE gash in Carson's right eyebrow, and Mike asked me if I could see his skull.  I freaked out, Mike didn't (stitches held the gash together to keep us from looking at his skull).  Ditto this moment, two years later, except change Carson for Hudson, and change wrestling to grocery shopping.  Huge gash, right side, in the eyebrow, matching stitches for Hudson.  Miraculously Bryson has made it past his second birthday with no matching scar (knock on wood).

Dads, Fathers, Papas, whatever you call them, are important role models for our children.  Without Mike, my boys would be running around with hair clips in their hair, and my dress shoes on their feet.  They wouldn't learn that it's appropriate to buy their loved ones flowers, or that it's manly to do dishes and laundry.  And they would never learn how to fix things.

Back when I was dating Mike, I was surprised at how much stuff he could fix.  And if he didn't know how to fix it, he would look it up (while I called my dad to make sure he was doing it right).  I knew I wanted somebody like my dad in that way.  My dad can fix ANYTHING.  I once had a watch that had the weirdest piece fall out of, I expected my dad to tell me to toss it, but he fixed it.  He fixes everything from cars to toys to pens to you name it.  Us kids always bragged about what he could fix.  I STILL call my dad up to ask us how to fix things (just yesterday I asked him what I should do about my broken taillight cover (which some kid smacked and cracked with his elbow) - for future reference, just use a small amount of clear silicon to cover the crack and you won't have to shell out $200 for a new one).

Every day we should celebrate these men in our lives (even those that can't fix anything).  But I'm ok with one, because cleaning, cooking, and doing the dishes are sure taking a toll on me for just a day!

I love you both!

P.S.  Mike's idea of how he wanted to spend Father's Day - exercise!  It's hard to see, but he's pushing Bryson in the jogging stroller.  I could barely keep up (took this picture while jogging behind).

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  1. Ha! Love this - I used to call my dad to see if Josh was doing something right, too. I might be getting to the point where I ask Josh if my dad is doing something right. :)