Saturday, June 25, 2011

Junk turned into treasure

There's some kind of quote out there about another person's junk is another's treasure.  I kept that in mind as I was picking out clothes to donate.  I have had a few clothing items here or there to donate, but today I was going to look through all of my clothes to find which to donate to a Women's shelter here in town.
I didn't realize how depressing it would be.  I found shirts, skirts, dress clothes (interview clothes!) that would all soon have a new home.  I had flashes of memories each time I picked up a piece of clothing, like the memories were stuck in the pockets of these clothes.  A trip to Atlanta, people's weddings, hiking/biking/running times, interviews, my bachelorette party.  All of which fit, before kids.  Some of the clothes I remember wearing after I had Carson, but even though the scale said the same as pre-Carson, my body shape was different.

So this blog is dedicated to memories of the past!

I used to hike and camp before kids!!! (shirt in donation pile) (What was I thinking wearing that weirdo bra underneath?)

September 2002
No, my sister wasn't donated.  The skirt was.  (Germany - I remember never needing a nap when I was young) 
September 2002
This was my brother's wedding in Germany, but not the wedding wedding, just the sign the papers wedding thing (don't ask me).  (dress was donated)

July 2003
This was the WORST trip in regards to accidents (check out the cute bandage on my knee).  Later on in the trip (this was in Atlanta) I ran into a glass door and almost broke my nose.  AND, when we went up north (Helen, Georgia), I was flying running down the mountain, and I couldn't stop myself and did a baseball runner's slide down a ways until I could stop.  The whole side of my leg was cut up.  Good times.  (dress was donated)

July 2003 - Atlanta
I tried on this dress, because I used to love it (actually, still do). I remember it being so light to wear and fit so perfectly.  Not quite any more.  Got a lot more bumps showing now, everywhere.  But I just couldn't bring myself to throw it in the donation pile quite yet.  It'll end up there, over time, but I'm still young enough, and naive enough to think that someday I can shake these pounds and be slim and trim again.

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  1. Now you're almost making me throw my pants and dresses out that I've held on for over 10 years (since college) because ONE DAY I will be fitting in there again!!!
    I'm going to keep the dream alive a little longer.... sigh.
    Makes me want to find the picture of you and I in Berlin for Love Parade, with my weirdo top and my Mayday-sign belly!!! HA!