Sunday, June 29, 2014

Detox/Cleanse conclusion

Week 3 was like 25% clean eating, during that week and the days that followed, I put back on the 12 pounds that I had lost.  The boxed foods, the artificial and preservative filled foods cause your body to retain water like CRAZY!  And my skin now?  Yuck.  I have the crappy under skin zits.  3 HUGE ones!!
My mouth is dry all the time like I mentioned earlier and I feel tired all of the time.

This cleanse/detox was too time consuming for me.  If my kids were older, maybe?  I found some recipes that I'll continue to make, but still uncertain how I can incorporate it all into a daily life that I don't spend hours in the kitchen.

I will continue to drink my smoothies in the morning (join now to be part of a 30 day smoothie challenge!) and bring healthy lunches.  I can't give up chocolate, but I can maybe try to limit them!  That's like crazy talk.

I'm glad that I did it, even though I can't say any where near 100% like I should have.  I learned a lot.

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