Saturday, June 7, 2014


Holy cow!!  I've made it a week!!

A lot of the recipes at the end of the week were better than the middle of the week.  Probably why I stopped losing the weight yesterday morning!  Pretty happy with the weight loss so far, even though I know it's 90% water.  I'm not eating the foods that take a long time to digest or cause bloat.  Feeling pretty good.
So far I'm down 12 pounds.  I'm hoping some of that is fat!  This is mainly because of the eating out for the 2 weeks before this.  My clothes really don't fit that much better (which is another reason I figured out it's water weight), but this was the perfect time to start.

I went for a 3 mile jog today and felt fine.  This next week is the detox week (cilantro (yuck) at every meal).  They say exercise wise to just go for a couple of walks, but, you know me, I'll be jogging.

I find it pretty amazing that I ate a whole pound of spinach this week!!  Usually my container sits in the fridge and goes rotten before I can eat it.  I'm making notes of the recipes I like so I can continue to use them post cleanse.

I managed to eat out while on the cleanse (ordering a salad with almonds and cranberries), I ignored temptation (headed to the lake last night where you can order curly fries and corn dogs AND friends had wine), and didn't eat popcorn while at the movies! 

The first salad on the cleanse was delicious!!

I wasn't a fan of the fruit infused waters.  The only one I liked was one with watermelon.


 Spinach is all gone!!  Never happened  before!

You'll have to go back to Day 1 to see what this counter looked like before I began.
I ate a lot of stuff!

When you join the Simple Green Smoothie cleanse, you are invited to their super secret Facebook page with other cleansers.  This has been amazing!  Some people are going through the cleanse a second time, others are finishing up, others are starting off like me.  This is such an invaluable resource!  I've asked questions about getting my headaches to go away, what my food should look like when it's done (mine doesn't turn out as nice :), and shared about my experience so far.  It's so supporting.

Around Day 4, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to finish this up.  Now, 3 days later, I've finished my week and I'm 1/3rd of the way done.  That's huge!!  And I'm excited for the new recipes next week (I may not add quite as much cilantro :).

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