Wednesday, June 4, 2014

W1D4 I can't say that I followed the plan 100%.

My son volunteered to bring brownies to his class picnic tomorrow.  Brownies are my kryptonite.  We picked out the boxes and I put them on my husband's table to remind him to make them tonight.  I figured if I wasn't the one making them, I couldn't be tempted. after school my son wanted to make them.  And I licked the bowl...and ate two after they were baked.  It was DELICIOUS!  There seemed to be a bit of an aftertaste that I never noticed before though.  And then when I was putting the kids to bed, I had to run to the bathroom!  I'm going to have to remember this when I start introducing 'bad' foods.

I'm not loving the food.  Before I wasn't much of a nut eater or a veggie eater, and that's pretty much all I can eat.  Today's lunch was chili, but I picked out the zucchini and carrots.  Lunch was strawberries with lemon and mint.  Not a mint fan.  Dinner was vegan hash cakes.  I ate half. Not a cilantro fan.  Not a chickpea fan.

So what keeps me going?  The scale is going down!  And I'm not even exercising!  I have no time to exercise.  I know people say you do if you schedule it in, but every minute of every day for the last month has been booked.  Things will get better when baseball is done, and soccer.  THEN I'll have time!  Or at least make time.

In 3 days I get to see what the new foods are for next week.  It's the detox week.  That doesn't sound fun, but I'm already ready for new food!!

On a positive side, I passed on free lunch again today (wraps and chips).

P.S. Only 17 days to go!!

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