Saturday, December 10, 2011

30 day shred, day 14

Level: 2

Date: December 10, 2011
Time of exercise: 6:45am
Qty (each strength is done twice):
walking pushups:  5, 4  
squat and row:  14, 14* - only 2 more on this second set to finish
medium grip row w/
static lunge:    23, 16
pendulum lunges w/ 
hammer curl**:  31, 28
military press w/
leg extension:  15 ,13* - only 3 left on this second set to finish
chair squat w/
v fly lift  :     23, 15*
weight: -.5 lbs 

* - didn't complete the strength for the whole time allotted 
** - due to my bad, crackling knees, I won't do the lunges.

I burned 155 calories today doing this 25 minute exercise DVD.  Not bad!  I wasn't too far off with what I thought.  My kids were up all throughout the night, and I finally gave up lying in bed at 6am, so I managed to get in 3.1 miles of running before this.  It seemed tiring to do these exercises, but I also did them last night around 9pm, so it was less than 12 hours ago!  I need to be more consistent when I do these so I'm not doing them so close together.
Lots to do today (we're cutting down our Christmas tree!), so I'm signing off.



  1. Go, Allison, go!! You are a machine.

  2. Geez o Pete! Quit beating yourself up about this :) your is a crazy time of year and you needn't be tearing yourself up if you are not perfect doing these..please try to make sure you get some time for yourself, if possible and try to get in a nap...I love you and admire you for sticking to this