Wednesday, December 21, 2011

30 day shred, day 21

Time: 10:30am
Calories burned:  160 (155 was what I burned at Level 2)
Weight: +1.7 lbs
Level: 3

Level 3 certainly kicks my butt.  I can't do all of the advanced moves, but I can do a lot more than I could when I first tried Level 3 (I guess this is only my 3rd time, so I've come along way!).  Before I started the workout, I would have said my abs might have been a little sore, but when I started to do the ab moves, I could definitely tell!  My shoulders are sore too, but I think that was from yesterday's strength training at Optimal Performance Specialists.  We did a lot of jumping, lunges, and squats yesterday.  

I like the moves in Level 3.  They are usually 2 part moves, so the exercises goes pretty quickly.  For example, instead of doing pushups, you do walking pushups.  You move your hands to the side, do a push up, walk your hands to the other side, do another pushup and repeat.  It makes the time go by much faster.  One of the last strength exercises you are in plank position with the weights under your hands.  You lift your leg straight up, lower it, and then you pick up a weight (while still in plank position) for a back exercise (I think it's a form of a 'row').  I feel pretty cool doing it (even though I can't do them all).  I need to remember to start counting the exercises, because I'd really like to see how far I've come.

Even though I'm on the plus side of the weight, I do not plan on doing any running today.  Today is dedicated to getting caught up at work!

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