Saturday, December 24, 2011

30 day shred, day 22

Time: 10:30am
Weight: +1.4 lbs
Level: 3

I came home from my 5 mile run, thinking I was just going to get into the shower and start my day of binging on delicious food, but when I walked in the door my son grabbed his 2 lb weights that I had given them for Christmas (we celebrated yesterday) and told me he wanted to do the weight exercises with me.  Doh!  
We turned on Jillian with Level 3, and him and my youngest son both grabbed their weights.  They made it about 80% through!  After that, my middle son decided to do exercises that he learned in school (table tops, he said he counted up to 900, maybe we need to work on counting) and my youngest sat down on the couch and told me I was doing good.
I can feel soreness in my body, but I'm not sure if it's from Level 3 in the past or from the workouts that I've done this week at Optimal Performance Specialists (along with the strength exercises, we took a few minutes to work on my running form.  Boy have I had it wrong!).  Either way, I'm excited because I'm down .3 lbs (from my 1.7 lb increase, so it's still increase, but just not so much).  

I didn't do the work out yesterday because, as I mentioned earlier, we celebrated our family Christmas and I didn't feel like it :)


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