Monday, December 19, 2011

30 day shred, day 20

Apparently I skipped out on this yesterday.  I didn't notice until just now.  Have no idea what I did last night after the 5 mile run...  Oh yea.  I had to finish up some work for this morning!  Oops, I remember now.  I didn't plan that day very good.  Should have done it earlier in the day.  Will try harder!

I've got another wrench to throw in the mix.  I've decided to go, twice a week, to Optimal Performance Specialists (they work with Orthopedic Rehab here in town) to get my knee exercises in.  I went there last week for an evaluation on my knee and they figured out exactly what was going on.  Wish I could speak their language, but I translate it to the fact that one muscle is taking over in my leg when it shouldn't.  I got a set of exercises that I need to do twice a week to get my knee to behave correctly (oddly enough it's squats and lunges, the things that I was avoiding!).  I have to pay special attention when I'm doing them so that I'm doing them correctly and allowing the right muscle to do it's work.  In 12 weeks time, I should be as good as new!  Ok, maybe not that good, but not having my knees hurt or feel sore would be a start.  When I was doing the squats correctly, sometimes my knees wouldn't even crack and make crackling sounds! 
Why do I bring that up?  Because, also with the knee exercises, I get strength exercises and tons of cool stuff in these sessions.  I'm pretty certain that all equals to a lot of soreness.  The two days a week that I'll go there, I won't be doing Jillian, because that's way too much.  If Jillian can't make me shredded, maybe training for another marathon (YES, you heard that correctly!  Memorial Day weekend three friends and I will be running a delightful 26.2 miles along Traverse City bay) and getting in some kick butt strength training will do the trick!  

Today, I did Level 3 (9:30pm, way too late), and did part hard exercises, and part easy.  I know that in 10 days, I'll be able to do all of the hard moves and I'm excited.  I'm ready!!

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