Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 day shred, day 17 & 18

I did Level 2 last night around 9pm, and then got up early to do it this morning (5:50am) because today and tonight will be busy.  But I think I'm ready for Level 3!
Last night I did most of the strength exercises, so this morning I did a lot of them without weights.  I'm ready to shake things up, so tomorrow or this weekend I'll try Level 3.  I'm kind of nervous.
I looked at myself in the mirror while getting ready this morning, and I'm definitley not shredded.  My husband kind of laughed when I told him I expected more.  "You can't expect to be shredded in 30 days honey."  Well, Jillian said I would!  He then said "You did say you lost 1/2 a pound!"  I didn't have the heart to tell him I had gained it back.
I do see more definition in my arms, perhaps a little in my abs, but that's about it.  I'm able to do 20 girl pushups, without a problem, so I know I've got more muscle, I just can't see it.  And the rest of my body looks the same.  Kind of disappointing.  I know you are all thinking "But muscle weighs more than fat, so you lost fat and gained muscle!  I'm sure you look a ton better!"  Really, I don't.  I still had to jump into the jeans I wore yesterday (seriously, I was in my bedroom jumping to get them pulled up).  They certainly weren't loose and they almost became shredded!

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  1. But, how wonderful it is, that you have been able to do the first 2 steps, with ease,now...wasn't too easy to begin with, right? But, now you are on step 3..what an accomplishment!