Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 day shred, day 2

Day 2:  A little sore in my pecs. Guess even  a few pushups count!  Decided to let my stomach rest after dinner by watching Glee and then shredding afterwards. When I told my husband about this, he says "That should be easy."  Easy never crossed my mind!

Let's get this official!  Here's my template for the next 30 days.

Level: (Jillian has three levels) 1
Date: November 15, 2011
Time of exercise: 9:30pm - this was way to late, cuz now I'm wide awake; started running at 9pm
(there's probably some way to put a table in here, but I can't find it real quick right now)
Qty (each strength is done twice):
pushups: (girl)     15*, 13*
squat and press:  15*, 10*
dumbbell row:    15  , 15
static lung w/ 
bicep curl:           26 , 25
chest Y's:            completed all (didn't count these because I knew I could finish them)
anterior raises w/
static lunge**:        15*, 10* 

* - didn't complete the strength for the whole time allotted 
** - due to my bad, crackling knees, I can't do the lunge.  This is the exercise that was the straw that broke the camels back, but in this case, the lunge that broke my knee and sent me to physical therapy for 6 weeks.
Notes:  All weights today were done with a 2 - 4 lb weights (one for each hand).  I know!  I'm a weakling!  I hadn't felt my abs at all today, but when I started doing the crunches, they felt a little sore.  Good for me!  Before doing the shred today, I walked 5 minutes, ran 15, and then walked 5 for a total of 2.2 miles.  Felt a little sore when doing the push ups and maybe that was the reason I let myself stop.

Background:  I'm a runner, and have always been a runner.  Occasionally I have done kickboxing or step aerobics, or some other hot-off-the-press aerobics fad (P90x), but have never stuck with it.  I've stuck with running (for most of the time anyways).  About 2 years after my third son was born, I had to go to physical therapy for my knee (see Notes above).  I took some time off of running, and my knee stopped crackling when I walked up and down the stairs.  As soon as I started up again, the crackling came back.  Now, within the last 2 months, my knee kind of pops when it's extended (think walking stairs, but not running because I must not fully extend my leg when I run).  This doesn't hurt at all when all of these noises are going on, but today I noticed a little bit of a very, very slight pain.  I didn't think much of it, but when I started doing the lunges again today, it made me wonder if that little, slight pain was from the lunges that I did yesterday.  When I was doing the lunges again today, I felt that slight pain again, so I may have to take lunges out of the mix all together.  I'd rather save my knees for the few years of running that I have left :(

Anything you want to do for 30 days?  Tell me about it and let's do it together!


  1. I have this dvd, too, and you've got me thinking about doing it. I remember the pain though! :) Keep up the great work - I'll be checking in!