Saturday, November 12, 2011

Conference #1

Since we had Carson's conference first, I'll dedicate this blog to the start of his 2nd grade year.  Next week, we'll see about Hudson!

Carson started off the school year a little resistant.  He had told me all year how he wanted Mrs. R for 2nd grade.  After talking with a few parents, I was told all 2nd grade teachers were wonderful this year, so I left it up to the school to decide.  His two best friends were in Mrs. R's class, as well as a ton of other names I recognized.  After reading him his class list, he quietly went and sat back in the car.  From that moment on (this was about 2 weeks before school started), he never talked about school (and for Carson not to talk, you know that's odd!).  We went and met his teacher, which ended up being kind of quick because she was talking with a talkative parent.
Why in the world was I worried?  After the first week, he had stories about all of the kids that he was playing with, and he was able to see his two BFFs at recess.
It got me thinking to his 1st grade year and how we had his teacher look up her recess schedule to see if theirs overlapped with his BFF from kindergarten who was in another class.  He ended up with different BFFs in his class at the end of the year and it couldn't have gone any smoother.
How could I forget what an easy going, play with everyone type of boy I am raising? And based on his conference a couple of days ago, his teacher couldn't agree more!

Here's C with his best class friend who, coincidentally, had the same costume!

Mrs. N said that Carson is always the first one done with his work, always keeps his desk clean (they take time out on Fridays to clean their desks, if they are clean, they get to go play), and has the highest points in the reading comprehension tests (the kids take tests after reading the books and you get .5 - 1 point for each book).  My conclusion?  Carson likes to play.  Why not learn the material so you can get done faster?  Why not keep your desk clean all of the time so you can play for the time that is allotted for others to clean their desk?  Why not read little kid books so you can get more points?  Oh. Wait.  He's a little sneaky too!  At the beginning of the year, he started reading kindergarten & first grade level books, which he could read a couple during library time and take the tests to get the points (it made me wonder why he had checked out a book that we already had at home).  The teacher caught on quickly enough and made him take a week off of the tests and is making him read grade level or higher books.  He now enjoys reading chapter books ("MOM!  The hamster was in the closet!") which is wonderful.
His kryptonite?  Music class.  Not so good of a review.  How do you not even get satisfactory in music class?  Ta ta tee tee ta.  The teacher even said that all you had to do was move your lips and pretend to sing.  So I've got to follow up with her.
I've very proud of my oldest son and the young man he is becoming.  I'd totally buy him a "Plays Well with Others" shirt and maybe a "Mom is so Proud of Me" shirt.  :)

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