Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 day shred, day 3

OUCH!!  It's been a long time since I've been sore.

Level:  1
Weights: 4 lbs
Date: November 16, 2011 (Happy Birthday Eli!)
Time of exercise: 7:50pm 
Qty (each strength is done twice):
pushups: (girl)     10*, 9*
squat and press:  8*, 5*
dumbbell row:    15  , 15
static lung w/ 
bicep curl**:       26 , 25
chest Y's:            completed all (didn't count these because I knew I could finish them)
anterior raises w/
static lunge**:        15*, 5* 

* - didn't complete the strength for the whole time allotted 
** - due to my bad, crackling knees, I won't be doing the lunges

Notes:  First of all, working out last night at 9:30 was not a good idea.  I looked at the clock the last time at 12:19am.  So, of course, 6:20 came too early this morning.  I could also feel my chest being sore while lying in bed.  There will definitely be an early bed time tonight!

Picture a tube top with cap sleeves on it.  That is where I'm sore.  I barely made it past the warm up today!  Jillian says "If you feel like you are doing to die, follow Anita."  I followed Anita the whole session.  I think tomorrow I may do it without any weights to give my muscles a little rest.  I love feeling my abs sore though!  I'm kind of considering taking a before and after picture of my mid section to see if I can tell a difference.  I'm scared I'll be disappointed if I don't see any results though. 
Unfortunately, I could feel more pain in my knees, so I took out all the lunges.  I need to find a way to work my butt now.  Any suggestions?

Before shredding today, I had to get in a weekly run (I usually try for 3 times a week to run).  I ran 4 miles in 36:34, ate dinner, helped put the kids to bed, and then started the shred. 

Thank you all for following me!  I wouldn't have done this workout today if it wasn't for you! So THANK YOU!

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